Solar ON – Grid system

With the establishment of a rooftop Solar ON – Grid system, we can reduce our power bills or we can make ZERO. As there are no batteries in this product there will not be any maintenance. 4 years is the BREAK EVEN time for these projects, The Govt. of India is encouraging subsidies for domestic purposes even. For commercial establishments, the BREAK EVEN time is less than 4 years. The life of the system is 25 years and the Government itself gives a warranty and guarantee for 5 years. Both electricity and solar departments are executing these projects.  This system won’t be any maintenance. 


Solar ON-Grid System used for Houses, High power-consuming sectors like hospitals, high stair buildings, Industries and Commercial establishments like hotels, commercial complexes


LV Sun Power can establish a small power plant to a required capacity plant. Our company holds a strong technical team in handling Solar ON – Grid systems in Khammam,  Bhadradri Kothagudem, Mahabubabad, Warangal, Suryapet, and Nalgonda Dist. We are using DCR,  NON – DCR, MONO, and MONO PERC Solar panels, coming to the solar inverter side we are using POLYCAB / WAAREE / ABB / DELTA and in Solar Cables  POLYCAB / FINOLEX. 

Solar ON – Grid System can used for Houses

Solar ON – Grid System can used for Apartments

Solar ON – Grid System can used for Commercial Space 

Solar ON – Grid System can used for Domestic Space